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Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti 2023 Awards

I am pleased to announce that last Wednesday, I received the 'Premju Ġieħ l-Artiġjanat Malti 2023' award in the category of Modelling, Painting, and Sculpting by presenting the painting 'Wara nofsinhar' (Afternoon), oils on canvas.

As we have already passed the halfway mark of this year, I find myself navigating numerous personal challenges. Dealing with family health issues and the loss of my best friend has made life feel overwhelmingly heavy at times. These hardships have caused me to question my passion and even forget why I pursue my art.

Grief and sadness can obscure our sense of identity and passion. Yet, amidst the pain, there are moments of beauty—like a stunning sunset, a piece of work that you do, shared laughter, or in this case winning this award, has reminded me of the importance of perseverance, the joy of the painting process and doing what I love.

Thanks go to Malta Crafts for this initiative. To my wife for being a model for this painting and for being supportive. To my family and friends, thank you all for standing by me. Your encouragement means the world. Now, back to work.



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