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The solo exhibition by Alfie Gatt is catapulting us into a snippet of the daily life of a ‘ghost’. The ghost is a metaphor for a person experiencing procrastination. The narrative takes us through a day in the life of this White Lady, who is stuck in this infinite loop of postponements, in this isolation, in the numbness to everything that is happening outside one’s mind, to becoming a ghost, to existing but not living, in a personal purgatory. There is no beginning and no ending to the narrative of these fragmented episodes that the artist shares through each artwork. One is only left with questions, and it is all up to the individual’s interpretation. The scenes are all happening in the familiar interior of a Maltese house, and the unexpected intruding birds are reminiscent of a personal event experienced by the artist, which affected him a lot. In this exhibition, we see Alfie's painting style is more realistic compared to his previous 'juxtaposition style' of work. Alfie expressed that he treated each work as a snapshot of a movie scene. The constant attention to detail was crucial in these works. The lighting, the chosen palette, the use of space and the composition were strategically used to build a compelling narrative. The artworks making up the oeuvre for this exhibition are executed in watercolours and oils.

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